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Invest in aluminum production made easy

At the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since December 13, 2010, the United Company RUSAL has reduced the minimum lot size of its shares from 6 thousand. Up to 1 thousand. Now buy the securities companies, the leading global aluminum market will be much easier. According to Oleg Deripaska, CEO of RUSAL, such a move will help increase the liquidity of the company's shares and will contribute to a significant expansion of the investor base. According to the head of the aluminum giant, the previous reduction of the minimum number of securities traded on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, led to a noticeable increase in demand for the company's shares (if the lot size was reduced from 24 thousand up to 6). Recall that RUSAL was educated as early as 2000 by the merger of corporations «Sibneft» aluminum assets and «Siberian Aluminum.» On the capacity of the enterprise produces about 10% of the world winged metal. Listing Securities on RUSAL Hong Kong Stock Exchange was held earlier this year (the company has organized an IPO in the month of January), after which the number of owners of the company's assets increased from 4 to 233's shareholders. The largest blocks of shares of aluminum giant acquired the Libyan Investment Authority (the Libyan state fund, has bought 1.43% of the securities by $ 300 million. And Vnesheconombank, received at its disposal a 3.15% stake amounting to over US $ 660 million). According to the management of RUSAL, changing the size of the shares of the lot make investment proposals aluminum company more attractive to retail buyers of shares that are interested in diversifying their own assets. The new conditions take effect with the implementation of the 13. 12. 2010 from 9 hours 30 minutes, Hong Kong time.

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