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Holding "Titan Ukraine»: «Group DF» ownership interest in the possibility of «controlling interest» of the company.

December 15, 2010 the head of a private international board of directors of companies «Group DF» Dmitry Firtash shared with UNIAN information about their own interests to the controlling interest (controlling stake), the holding company «Titan of Ukraine.» «I'm interested in that holding company» Titan of Ukraine «was established on the basis of the enterprise» Crimean Titan «. And, of course, I would like to own a controlling stake of the holding company «, — said Dmitry Firtash. «It is quite natural desire, given the negative experience with our company» Crimean Titan «. When investiruesh in a company hardly hold «afloat», and it does not possess a controlling stake of the securities, the state is always an opportunity to «build» co-owner that it (the government) simply do not like it «- said the head of» Group DF «. Dmitry Firtash also noted that over the next 4−5 years, you need to invest $ 2 titanium industry of the country -. 2.5 billion, and if you do not take such measures, Ukraine will hardly be able to play a key role in the global titanium market «According to the statements. Ukrainian specialists titanium industry, Ukraine possesses sufficient power production facilities and considerable reserves of raw materials in order to take a leading position among the operators in this market. According to the General Director of «titanium apatite company," Victor Field, the country has about 1/5 of the world reserves of ilmenite ore, and more than 40% of their reserves in the former Soviet Union. However, titanium company leader in the world market at the moment is the corporation «VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation» (Russia).

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