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Indian exports of ferrochrome in the Asian countries could be reduced by one-third

According to news agency Bloomberg (New York), the Indian producers of ferrochrome predict a decrease in the volume of deliveries of this alloy to its Asian customers over the next 4 years. In particular, Indian Metals company management & Ferro Alloys Limited (IMFA), announced a possible reduction of its exports due to rising domestic demand for this alloy.

Such changes to many Asian companies (whose smelters do not have sufficient reserves of chrome ore for domestic production of ferrochrome) is a very significant problem. For example, China, which meets about 40−50% of its ferrochrome requirements through imports. Enterprises of this country will have to find new suppliers of ferrochrome, which will certainly affect the market value of this alloy.

However, this turn of events for the leading operators of the market was quite predictable. Even by conservative assumptions of analysts Merafe Resource Limited, the global demand for ferrochrome in 2010 was due to the year to grow by at least 15% (from 7.29 million. Tons to 8.22 million.) Compared to the previous year.

Forecasts as Indian producers of ferrochrome (relative to domestic sales market) is much bolder. In their view, the demand of local enterprises by 2015 could increase by more than 120% (1 million. Tons compared with 450 thousand st), whereas the production capacity can only lead to a 44% surge in volumes of manufacture of ferrochrome (1, 3 million. tons). Explaining exactly these circumstances, the Indian suppliers predict a decrease of exports of this alloy for Asian consumers with the alleged 450-five thousand. Tons to 300 tons of real thousand.

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