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In the IV quarter of the consumption of stainless steel in the EU increased

According to the company «Damstahl», in the fourth quarter of European demand for stainless steel has improved «as a whole». However, if you look closely, it becomes apparent that while Germany is not experiencing major problems with orders (including — export), the case of stainless steel producers from Italy, the UK and Norway, things are not nearly as brilliant. The process of replenishment of stocks in European markets (as well as USA) has slowed around the middle of the third quarter. According to published data from October stocks of stainless steel in these regions mostly reduced, and this trend is likely to continue until the end of the year. Characteristically, the market situation with a flat and long products varies considerably: whereas, according to traders, the dimensions of flat-rolled inventories still quite sufficient, elongated in the warehouses remained not so much. Therefore, most of the November orders accounts for rod and wire in Europe. It is expected that the total amount of stocks of stainless steel in the EU at the end of the year exceeds the corresponding figure of January 2010 approximately 100−200 ths. Tons.

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