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Demand for stainless steel suffers from volatility in nickel prices

European stainless steel producers complain that in the formation of world prices for nickel increasingly involved takes a speculative point, making the final consumer price slabopredskazuemymi unarmed before the whims of the market. As a result — many customers have bought stainless steel, not knowing exactly what exactly the price will have to pay. The confirmation data for the latest month, when trading on the LME nickel for one week, first jumped in price by more than $ 1,000 just for four days to fall within one day for the same thousand. According to the manufacturer, this is the main reason that lately they increasingly tend to release stainless steel containing a minimum amount (or not containing) nickel. Nevertheless, nickel, along with the same copper, remains one of the most attractive (in terms of liquidity) stock assets. As of 02.11.2010 the price of this metal on the LME trades reached a high of $ 10.57 per pound.

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