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Russian Federation approved the anti-dumping duties on imports of stainless steel in the country

In 2011−2013, Russia will act in the new anti-dumping duties on imports of nickel to steel. The list of dumping in this case countries were China, South Korea, South Africa and Brazil. Since the government adopted a decree will come into force after a month after its official publication, act svezheprinyatye duties begin at the end of December.

It should be noted that the Russian government approved version of the duty appeared, in general, noticeably softer measures, which required the company to take the Russian Federation, to initialize the antidumping process. In particular, it sounded initially be required to enter duties on imports of flat rolled nickel-term than three years and five years. It proposed to introduce a fee of 73.3% (39.1% of approved fee) For China, Brazil — 109.5% (21.1% respectively), in South Africa — 65.5% (adopted duty of 33.3%). The exception to «the worst», as it seems at first glance, is the only Korea — instead of the proposed 60.9% 62.8% duty has been approved for it, but in reality the country was in the most «privileged» position. The fact that anti-dumping ruling spelled out a special exception for the stainless flats Korean company «Posco»: in relation to his duties shrinks to 4.8%. This reservation especially inspires doubt in the effectiveness of the anti-dumping measures, ie. A. «Posco» is at the head of the list of top Asian largest manufacturers of stainless steel.

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