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Prices for ferrotitanium gradually restored

After long-awaited strengthening of prices for ferrotitanium, which occurred in the last week of October, its price trend gave way to positive. Since early November, the price of ferrotitanium continue to move up slowly, giving the market hope for further recovery: at the time of the October price drop a significant part of suppliers and manufacturers expressed reluctance to enter into an explicit transaction, while prices do not rise to an acceptable level. Such is the approach of the latter to 7 $ / kg (warehouse Rotterdam prices are meant), while in October the lower price level in the ferrotitanium reached 6.5 $ / kg, while the top — 6,75 $ / kg. Although in the first week of November prices lower range added only $ 0.1 (up to 6.6 $ / kg), verhnetsenovoy level ferrotitanium grew significantly more pronounced sentences — by $ 0.35 (up to $ 7.1 / kg), indicating that of the beginnings of the market process of price correction.

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