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Increased imports of nickel to China

Imports of refined nickel to China in August 2010 increased to a maximum of the last 5 months. metal deliveries in the country reached 18,227 tons.

This is 27% more in comparison with the level of July 2010. At the same time, imports of nickel per year to China decreased by 20.4%.

According to analysts, demand is gradually increasing after years of decline. Prospects for the global non-ferrous metals market, the v2010 looks very optimistic. Prices are rising, demand in emerging markets is restored, and the stocks are no longer increasing.

It is expected that nickel demand will increase by 13% in 2010. Previously, experts expect that the demand for the metal will grow by only 11%. Forecast has been raised because of the growing production of stainless steel, which uses nickel. It is expected that this year will increase the cost of nickel in the IV quarter to $ 26 000 per tonne.

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