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on ferrotitanium Prices stabilized

Last week, it seems, has brought the world market price of ferrotitanium some respite. Prices for the metal strengthened at about 6,5−6,75 $ / kg (warehouse Rotterdam prices). At the same time the average European price of ferrotitanium was about 6.6 $ / kg (compared with the previous week she lay in the range of 6,5−6,4 $ / kg). However, this price does not suit a large part of the sellers. According to participants in the European market, the same Russian producers refuse to enter into transactions at such low rates, waiting for the price curve when their goods will creep back up to around $ 7 / kg. The same applies to the British producers ferrotitanium.

According to experts, the situation observed in recent weeks on the world market ferrotitanium, is a vivid illustration of how nervous the post-crisis market may react to signs of incipient decline in prices. The main reason for such a sharp fall of prices is called a panic reaction of some market participants, who tried as quickly as possible to get rid of going down in value of the goods. Since the price of titanium waste remained in this period virtually unchanged, according to the laws of logic to the pricing ferrotitanium not had to fall below $ 7 / kg.

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