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The Chinese have predicted that in the 4th quarter the price of titanium will go up

The Chinese market operators titanium argue that in the fourth quarter of this year, world prices for the metal have to go up. It also assumes that in the coming years, demand for titanium dioxide in China will grow disproportionately the world, exceeding it in 2.3−2.5 times. Also, the Chinese government is going to significantly increase production of its own titanium, which was released in 2009 on the level of 70 th. Tons per year. It is possible that the results of 2010, this figure had already reaches 80 thousand tons, of which about 37.5% will be in titanium rolling, and the rest -. For titanium sponge. In total, during the XII Five-Year Plan (2011−2015 years inclusive) of the annual release of titanium in China is projected to reach 110 thousand. Tonnes.

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