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Yusco raised the price of stainless steel

Taiwanese metallurgical company «Yieh United Steel Corp» raised the price of stainless steel for deliveries in October. This was stated by representatives of the group, said Yieh.Corp.

Thus, the domestic price of stainless steel grade 300 increased by 3 thousand. Taiwanese dollars. / Ton (US $ 96. / Ton). At the same time, export prices of materials rose by 100−200 dollars. / Ton.

Recall that in September rolled stainless steel 304 series to supply went up by 60−80 dollars in the foreign market / ton, and the metal 430 series -. 30−50 dollars / ton.

As you know, recently «Yieh United Steel Corp» temporarily stopped production. The corresponding decision was accepted the manufacturer because of the typhoon Fanapi, as a result of which dozens of people were injured. Note that the typhoon have been waiting here for several days and had time to prepare. From Taiwan's coastal areas were evacuated thousands of people. The island had the monthly precipitation in the form of rain and hail.

Company «Yieh United Steel Corp» is considered to be the largest producer of steel and steel products in Taiwan.

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