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Japan reduced the export of stainless steel by 7.7%

Japan in July 2010 compared to June reduced the export of stainless steel at 7.75 up to 109.86 thousand. Tons. This is according to Japanese Iron and Steel Institute, reported Yieh.Corp.

During the year the foreign supply of Japanese stainless steel decreased by 0.5%. According to estimates, China bought 16.51 tons of metal, Taiwan -. 11.191 tons, South Korea -. 21.281 thousand tons, and the United States -. 12.677 thousand tons.

Earlier it was reported that Japan, in July 2010 compared to June reduced the import of stainless steel by 15.8% to 14.797 ths. Tons. Nevertheless, compared with July last year, deliveries of stainless steel in the country, on the contrary, increased by 37.7%.

According to estimates of the largest suppliers of metal become South Korea (11.927 thous. Tonnes), Taiwan (881 tons) and China (562 tons). In general, in January-July this year, Japan imported 94.3 thousand. Tons of stainless steel.

As you know, in June 2010 compared with June 2009, Japan increased imports of stainless steel products by 43%, to 18 thousand. Tons.

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