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WHA took the lead in terms of production growth

As follows from data on volumes of production of primary aluminum on the Russian companies listed in a recent press release O. K. Rusal, the largest production growth in the first half of this year showed the Volkhov Aluminium Plant — 67%. Second and third place were taken by Nadvoitsky (18%) and Kandalaksha (14%), aluminum smelters. Behind them a little pootstal Irkutsk Aluminium Smelter (12%), then by a wide margin followed by Krasnoyarsk (2%) and Sayanogorsk (2%) plants.

Others companies, on the contrary, reduced the production — Ural aluminum plant 24% of Theology — 10%, Bratsk 1%. The volume of production in the Khakas aluminum smelter remained unchanged.

However, when looking at the issue of «winged metal» in kind, the leaders will Fraternal (484 thous. Tonnes) and Krasnoyarsk (480 thous. Tonnes) aluminum smelters.

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