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In the future, the world copper market will be strengthened

Analysts at Standard Chartered improved the outlook for copper prices in 2011 by 5.4%, to $ 8,325 thousand. Per 1 ton. Experts suggested that the cost of the red metal in the coming year will not exceed $ 7,900 thousand. Now for the fourth quarter, experts predict the cost copper $ 7,850 thousand. instead of $ 7,650 thousand.

Alexander Kovalev, analyst «TCB Capital»: «There is reason to strengthen the copper market forecasts, because Since February 2010, the world's reserves of all non-ferrous metals, and, in particular, copper, steel, steady decline. In 2009, copper reserves have grown very well, and in early 2010 was a noticeable imbalance on the market of non-ferrous metal — production was reduced after the crisis, and demand is recovering faster than expected. Spring 2010 was the time of active inventory reductions. The world's largest consumer of copper made China, where a large amount of copper used in construction, copper wires are used in the infrastructure. But there is a risk of a significant reduction in consumption from China, this is due to the country's economy. Today's copper prices are calculated on the rapid development of China's economy. Now there is a copper recovery of the market, about the same rate at which it was in the years following the 1998 crisis. «

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