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Prices for stainless steel will increase again in October

According to the SBB, the price of a flat cold-rolled stainless steel for delivery in October, compared with August, will increase in all regional markets.

In Europe and increase the base price and the value of the doping allowances. As a result, the average market prices will rise:

— In the CR AISI 304 2B (Roll, 2 mm) — to the level of 2860−2940 euro / ton. (+ 4.1%),

— In the CR AISI 316 2 (roll, 2 mm) — to the level of 4195−4275 euro / ton. (+ 4.2%)

— In the CR AISI 430 BA (roll, 2 mm) — to the level of 1485−1645 euro / ton. (+ 3.0%).

In Asia — export prices for CR AISI 304 2B (Roll, 2 mm), on average, increase by 1.2% to the level of 3100−3200 USD / ton. (FOB Asia port).

In America — the price of CR AISI 304 2B (Roll, 2 mm) on terms FOB US Mill, on average, increase by 4.1% to the level of 3483−3748 USD / ton.

In the domestic market of China (Fochan, inc. VAT 17%) the price of x / k CR AISI 304 2B rental (roll, 2 mm), denominated in US dollars, on average, increase by 1.6% to the level of 2495−2539 USD / ton.

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