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Trimet Aluminium went to the stable operation

The independent German producer of primary aluminum Trimet Aluminium summed up the work in the 2009−2010 fiscal year: its revenues increased by 5.3% to € 870.7 million (last fiscal year — € 827,0 million). At the same time increased the number of employees to 1,548 thousand. To 1,586 thousand. Man.

As for the issue of «winged metal» that Trimet Aluminium increased loading of its two aluminum smelters (in Essen and Hamburg), which has been in the last year it has been reduced by approximately 60% due to lower demand caused by the global economic crisis. Their power is now fully loaded. Enterprises engaged in recycling of scrap (located in the city of Gelsenkirchen and Hartsgerode), are stable in the second half of 2009

Trimet Aluminium also able to expand its presence in the sector of aluminum castings for the automotive industry thanks to the successful operation of the plant KS Atag Trimet Guss. In addition, in April 2010, Trimet Aluminium signed a trader by Honsel an agreement to supply her more than 100 thous. Tons of primary aluminum, magnesium, and special alloys.

Trimet Aluminium is able to produce about 300 thousand. Tons of primary aluminum per year. It consists of two aluminum plants, two plants for the recycling of scrap and three for the production of castings.

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