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Mitsui will take part in the production of nickel in the Philippines

Japanese trading company Mitsui was among the participants in a $ 1.3 billion nickel project, implemented by the Corporation Sumitomo Metal Mining in the Philippines. She will receive 15% of its shares, another 62.5% remains at Sumitomo Metal Mining, and 22.5% — at the company Nickel Asia.

Sumitomo Metal Mining, which is the largest producer of nickel in Japan, in September 2009, reported that in August 2012 on the project starts Taganito mining and processing of nickel ores. life of the project period is 30 years, capacity — 30 thousand tons per year (in terms of pure metal).

Implementation of the project will allow Taganito Sumitomo Metal Mining to increase nickel output up to 100 thousand. tonnes. For the processing of ores, it will use the technology of acid leaching under pressure. Apart from Taganito, Sumitomo Metal Mining manages the project Coral Bay (Philippines), using similar technology.

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