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Imports of stainless steel tubes continues to grow

Despite the effect of special protective duties, imports of stainless steel pipes in Russia continues to grow.

According to expert assessment of the Association «Special Steel», the volume of Russian imports in August 2010 Stainless steel electric-welded pipes a year, compared with July, increased by 23.1% and amounted to 1738 tons. Imports of seamless pipes — increased by 14.1% and amounted to 2099 tons.

Recall that in 2009 the import of this type of product by the Government of RF has introduced a special protective duty of 28.1% for three years.

Costs importers during the customs clearance of imported goods, according to expert estimates, exceeded 70% of the customs value (import duty + Special duty + VAT). Such a significant increase in the cost of imports of stainless steel pipes had to contribute to the growth of domestic production and reduce the share of imported products in total consumption.

We can not say that Russian production has not responded to such favorable conditions — the question: How adequate is this reaction, and in which sectors?

Recall that the production of stainless steel pipes in Russia in the first half of 2010, compared to the same period in 2009 has increased — in the segment of e-mail. welded pipes by 29.9% and in the segment of seamless — by 13.0%. The volume of imports e. welded pipes increased by only 2.4%, and seamless for more than 75.0%.

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