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Global copper production will continue to rise

International Group for the Study of copper (International Copper Study Group, ICSG) released a forecast of the global copper industry for the period until the end of 2014

According to him, the global power of raw material extraction «red metal» for five years (s2009 till 2014) will increase by 4.4% to 19.461 million tons to 24.161 million tons. The main increase in mining production will come from Brazil, Chile, Congo, Zambia and Mongolia, which is planned to implement a number of projects to develop new fields.

Process the same capacity for the production of blister copper will expand by 2.6% to 18.166 million tons to 20.676 million tons, and the production of refined metals — by 3.4% from 18,507,000 tons to 21,872,000 tons active development here will be due to increased production. «red metal «in Asia, mainly in China and India, Iran and Indonesia. For Asia will follow in Africa and Latin America, where ICSG also expected to increase production, but in North America, the copper will be doing less because of plant closures in Canada.

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