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Codelco will restart rhenium plant

Based on the projected growth in demand for rhenium in the next few years, the Chilean mining and metals company Codelco is planning to conduct a restart of the plant for the production of rhenium at its complex of Chuquicamata.

Codelco it intends to spend $ 4.5 million to re-launch the company, closed back in 1996 Rhenium is extracted from the flue gas furnace roasting molybdenum raw materials.

This metal is used for the production of superalloys, used in the aerospace industry, and catalysts actuated in oil refining.

Prices of rhenium in recent years varied greatly from $ 11 thousand. Per 1 kg in 2008, when demand for the metal was very strong, up to $ 3,300 thousand. In recent months. It is expected that the consumption of rhenium is strongly increased in the next decade due to the start of mass production of new developments aviakontserna Boeing and Arbus.

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