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Release of rolled copper in Japan until the growing, but may fall

Production of semi-finished products of copper and its alloys in Japan has been increasing for the ninth month in a row thanks to orders from the automotive and electrical industries, said the Japanese Association of copper and brass. In July 2010 issue was 75.920 ths. Tons, which is 21.4% more than a year ago, however, he was less the result of June (76.374 thous. Tonnes).

«For the second consecutive time the production has exceeded 75 thousand tons due to the growth of the economy and exports, -. Said Keizo Tani (Keizo Tani), an employee association. — However, looking to the future, the industry is concerned about the appreciation of the yen and the expiry of the government subsidy program. «

The appreciation of the yen makes Japanese goods more expensive for foreign buyers. The action of subsidy programs, exempting from the purchase of a number of types of engines taxes (using electricity or natural gas), to be completed in late September.

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