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Demand for titanium will not shrink

Consumption of titanium in the world in the near future will grow, according to executives of American corporations Timet. «At the end of 2009, we saw the increase in demand for our products and the volume of customer orders began to reflect the increase in titanium processing, especially in the supply chain needs of the aerospace industry. In the second quarter of this year the trend continued expansion of demand, manifesting itself in the operating results of our business — said OBrayn Bobby (Bobby D. OBrien), president and concurrently executive director Timet. — In the long term demand trend remains favorable for the production of titanium, in particular, due to the ongoing production of a large number of new-generation aircraft. According to the forecast published by The Airline Monitor in July 2010, in the next five years, the consumption of titanium in the aerospace industry will continue to grow both through replacement of obsolete aircraft, and through the expansion of the airline's fleet. «

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