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Bombardier receives from Alcan Global ATI revolutionary aluminum semi-finished products

Acan Global Aerospace, Transportation and Industry (Alcan Global ATI, Rio Tinto Alcan Corp. division) signed a long term agreement with of Bombardier, one of the leaders of the world aircraft industry, the supply of semi-finished aluminum-lithium alloys, produced by Aiware™ technology for a new aircraft Cseries. It is planned that the share of products manufactured by this technology, will be 20% of all materials used in aircraft Cseries.

Aiware™ technology allows semi-alloys with low density, thereby providing ease of the aircraft fuselage and its high speed, and eventually — volume reduction of fuel consumption. Semi-finished products to be used for manufacturing fuselage shell, stringers and others.

«With Aiware™, we are paving the way for the revolutionary technology of aluminum application to design a light aircraft with a high level of reliability, which is a key requirement in the aerospace industry — Willemin said Christophe (Christophe Villemin), president of Alcan Global ATI».

The new aircraft Cseries, is expected to have operating costs 15% less compared to the currently used modification.

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