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Uzbekistan in 2010 plans to increase exports of tungsten and molybdenum up to $ 12 million.

Uzbek Refractory and heat-resistant metals (UzKTZhM) in 2010 plans to increase exports to $ 12 mln., While the total output of more than 22 bln. Soums (US $ 13.7 million.). BelTA news agency REGNUM in the press service of the plant.

According to the source, in 2010 UzKTZhM plans to produce 66 tons of tungsten metal and about 520 tons of molybdenum metal. «More than 97.5% of plant production is exported to foreign countries. This year, for the increase of exports, the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Economy and Works decided to develop a special marketing program for 2010−2012, in which waste containing tungsten carbide will be collected from domestic enterprises Tashkent plant for the collection and processing and transmitted LOTSM UzKTZhM «, — said the spokesman.

According to him, a large-scale program to reduce the cost of production was completed at the plant last year. «For example, molybdenum metal value was reduced by 47.7% from 44 to 23 dollars per kilogram, tungsten metal — by 20.1% from 28.3 to 22.6 dollars per kg. The overall decline in the cost of production at the mill was 37.1% «, — concluded the agency.

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