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Losses "Rusal Armenal" in 2009 increased

JSC «RUSAL Armenal» in 2009 increased the amount of losses by 26.2% to 18 billion drams ($ 1 — AMD 368). The total revenues of 23.154 billion drams, including revenue — 23.014 billion drams. Total expenditure reached 41.024 billion drams, including the cost of sales — 21.361 billion drams. Capital CJSC amounted to 41.168 billion drams against 23.161 billion in 2008, the liabilities — AMD 81.545 billion (64.185 billion drams).

In 2009, «Rusal Armenal» increased production of aluminum foil by 83.5% to 21 456 tonnes. In 2009, was substantially expanded the sales market that swept other than Europe, the United States and countries of the Middle East region, also Africa, South Asia and Latin America. The plant reached its design level of production, which is 25 thousand. Tons of foil.

Foil Plant «Armenal» was created in May 2000 on the basis of Kanaker aluminum smelter. «Armenal» is one of the largest industrial enterprises in Armenia and the only producer of aluminum foil in the Caucasus and Central Asia. The owner of the «Armenal» is a Russian company UC RUSAL. Together with the companies' Sayanal «and» Ural foil «," Armenal «constitutes packaging division of UC RUSAL.

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