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At Rio Tinto does not increase the production of non-ferrous metals

One of the world's largest mining company Rio Tinto in the first half of 2010 decreased compared to the same period of 2009 copper production by 10% to 187 thousand. Tonnes. Production of copper ore decreased by 18% to 333 thousand. Tonnes.

Aluminum production company kept unchanged at 1.89 million tons This production of alumina increased over the first 6 months of 2010 by 3% to 4.45 million tonnes of bauxite -. 14% to 16.2 million tonnes.

Uranium production Rio Tinto reduced by 24% to 5.33 million tonnes, but has increased by 4% titanium dioxide production to 684 thousand. tons. The volume of gold and silver production decreased by 14% and 16%, respectively, however, with gold production increased 46% to 320 thousand tons, and silver -… by 21% to 2.43 million tons of molybdenum production is also increased by 34% to 6 tonnes

Rio Tinto — one of the world's largest mining companies. Based in the UK and produces aluminum, copper, diamonds, coal, uranium, gold, iron ore deposits in the five continents.

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