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The method of creating the finest metallic threads

Nichrome filament is one of the finest metallic threads. It consists of precision alloys of various grades (Cr20Ni80, Cr20Ni80-H-VI Cr20Ni80. H16N60-H H15N60. H23YU5, H23YU5T, H27YU5T)

The method of producing high-quality unbreakable metal thread width of less than 10 nanometers invited the international group of research. Experts note that the standard inverse lithography is not suitable for such tiny conductors: their integrity can be violated, and the width — strongly deviate from the specified value. The inventors have proposed a method that allows you to keep the fluctuations of the line width in the range of 2.9 nanometers.

The specificity of the new technology is the use of organometallic compounds… First, the method of electron-beam lithography creates the desired image. Subsequent treatment with hydrogen reduces the line width, resulting in subtle are metallic conductors.

Under the experimental conditions used naphthenes (naphthenic acid salt) nickel and copper, which was kept under a hydrogen atmosphere at 500 degrees Celsius for one hour. Experts believe that the new technology is suitable for building nanostructures on the basis of other metals (iron, cobalt, tungsten, molybdenum).

Member of the study Muhammad Saifullah (Mohammad Saifullah) from the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research, said that the results of the experiments can successfully solve the problem of obtaining the inextricable strands of metal width of 4 nm.

Nichrome thread

Among belongs Nichrome thread very thin metal wires. It is made of precision alloys of various grades:

  • Cr20Ni80, Cr20Ni80-H-VI Cr20Ni80 — Nichrome;
  • H16N60-H H15N60 — ferronihrom;
  • H23YU5, H23YU5T, H27YU5T — fechral.

The presence of chromium and nickel alloying elements makes it possible to achieve good performance nichrome filament. This product is available in diameter from 0.04 mm to 12.0 mm. Nichrome wire is excellent in wear resistance performance and relatively high resistivity, so is widely used as a conductive element for electrical heaters transmit the necessary power to the surface heaters.

The most important characteristic of nichrome filaments — electrical resistance which depends on the product and the brand alloys diameter. Features nichrome filament allows it to use in the manufacture of machine tools for cutting foam. With it is possible to achieve amazing precision when cutting blocks of foam plastic as penofenoplast, penopoliurentan et al. Nichrome thread can cut products of different shapes (pillows, plates and so on. D.). Through the application of nichrome filament surface is carved products obtained smooth and even.

It can be used at very high temperatures (1300 ° C). The larger the yarn diameter, the higher the temperature at which it can be used.

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