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Novelis sees prospects for growth in demand for rolled aluminum products

«As the largest producer of rolled aluminum in the world Novelis strives to be at the center of growth in demand from end users," — said Erwin Mayr (Erwin Mayr), head of the corporation strategy.

«The use of aluminum as the material is reinforced by economic developments in emerging markets — he said. — Three macro-economic trend — increasing urbanization, the spread of capital in emerging markets and long-term movement towards sustainability — provide incentives for the foreseeable future demand for rolled aluminum products. «

He pointed to hire the relative stability of the market compared to other products of the winged metal. «The increased use of rolled aluminum based on a wide variety of products from it» — said Erwin Mayr. — It provides a high level of predictability of the market in terms of the planning of production and consumption. «

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