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"Daughter" KUMZ increasing production of drill pipes

Included in the Kamensk-Ural Metallurgical Plant (KUMZ) Enterprise drill pipes rapidly increasing production, newspaper KUMZ «Metallurg».

In tonnage terms of money and in the volume of commodity products produced now in January-June, exceeded the level achieved during the past year, and 10% higher than the budgeted figure for the 1st half. The lion's share of products launched on the new equipment installed at the plant in 2008−2009.

This year the company will continue to actively work on the basic product range expansion. Utilized in the production of new products such as aluminum casing and aluminum tubing. These new products are designed to work in hostile environments with a high content of hydrogen sulphide.

The aluminum casing designed in conjunction with the company Aquatic under the terms of the pilot project for the oil company Lukoil. In August-September launch is scheduled for execution order for this new batch production. In the first half of the company mastered an entirely new design of aluminum drill pipes for the Italian company ENI. According to Director General Vitaly Sapunzhi drill pipe, there is every reason to believe that in early August, ENI products under the order will be made in full.

As part of budget planning, the company drill pipe, according to the end of July, secured orders until the end of this year. However, the ability of the enterprise allow to work actively to attract new customers.

In particular, negotiations with Rosneft to supply products for the oil company. According to Vitaly Sapunzhi, there is confidence that the results of the negotiations the sides will come to the conclusion of the contract. Drill pipe is of fundamental importance, since the company first enters a partnership with such a large Russian mining company interested in obtaining tubes of high reliability. Now drill pipes are in talks for the production and supply of aluminum drill pipes special design for geophysical drilling company in Singapore specializing in exploration work in the sea. It is also negotiating with several companies from the Netherlands, the US, China's supply of aluminum drill pipes.

Prospects for the use of deep processing of aluminum products in the oil and gas industry will be discussed at the 3rd International Conference «Aluminum: alloys, rolled and profiles for industry and construction», to be held in May 2011 in Moscow.

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