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Cochilco: the price of copper in 2010 will average $ 3.11 per pound

According to a survey of analysts by 16 Chilean mining industry conducted by the Chilean state copper commission Cochilco on, the value of the «red metal» in 2010 will be on average $ 3.11 per pound and $ 3.16 per pound — in 2011. The results of the latest survey less optimistic compared to a similar poll conducted in April — while analysts forecast the price of copper was $ 3.35 per pound for the current year and $ 3.29 per pound — in 2011. in the II quarter of 2010, copper prices as It expected to reach an average of $ 2.95 per pound and will pick up to around $ 3.01 per pound in the III quarter, according to Cochilco publication. For 2012 analysts forecast the price of copper was $ 3.21 per pound.
Concerns about Greek debt and fear of the spread of «debt disease» to other countries in the eurozone have increased market volatility, and «the price of copper is not left behind on macroeconomic trends data," said research director Cochilco Anna Zuniga.
Results following a similar survey of analysts Cochilco will be published in early October.

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