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VSMPO-AVISMA titanium to increase production by 30%

Corporation «VSMPO-AVISMA," declares the beginning of recovery in the industry: it intends to increase the production of titanium sponge by 30% and by the end of 2011 to enter the pre-crisis level of capacity utilization. The corporation explained that the volume of orders for 2010 in the aggregate have increased by 7−10% over the final products «VSMPO-Avisma». Experts confirm the increase in demand for titanium products, not only in the aircraft industry.

In 2010, the production capacity increase of titanium sponge in the JSC «VSMPO-Avisma» will be 30%, chief executive of Berezniki branch «VSMPO-AVISMA» Igor Sizikov in an interview with «Metallurg». It is expected that by the end of 2011, the company will enter the pre-crisis level of capacity utilization. This will be reactivated «frozen» in a crisis of production — continued reconstruction of the PP-3, chlorinators, resumed construction fluorinephlogopite shop and so on.

According to a board member of JSC «VSMPO-Avisma» Vladislav Tetyukhin, the planned increase in production is associated with an increase in orders of the corporation: «This will go a sponge for the final product, as well as for sale. We now see how the growth of orders from the Russian consumer and our Western partners — Airbus and Boeing. On average, their orders for 2010 have increased in total by 7−10% over the final products of the corporation. The increase in production will come from the available load capacity, so do not require additional financial costs. «Name the orders and their sum, Mr. Tetyuhin difficult.

Plans to increase the production of industry experts associated with the revival in demand from both Russian and foreign corporate partners. «Revival is — says analyst IK» Finam «Dmitry Baranov. — There is a recovery in demand, and in different industries, so it is logical that the company increases production of sponge. For example, aircraft manufacturers received orders higher than in the first quarter of 2009. Plus, launched Work on those orders that have been frozen. Not only for aircraft manufacturers, but also for the missile industry. «

Hope Yemelyanov, Perm, Sergei Antonov, Kommersant (Ekaterinburg)

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