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In January-April, the world lacked the nickel

In the world market of nickel deficit observed in January-April of the current year in the amount of 16 thousand. Tons, reported World Bureau of Metal Statistic (WBMS). For comparison, the whole in 2009 the surplus of nickel in the world amounted to 16.1 thousand. T.

nickel mining in the world, according to WBMS, in January-April of the current year amounted to 436.1 million tons, which is 6% less than in the same period. What was the volume of refined nickel production, WBMS not reported, but points out that its production in Japan rose by 15.2 thous. Tons. The consumption of four months of 2010 increased by 85 thousand tons in comparison with the results of a year ago.

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