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Rio Tinto to build the mine in the field of nickel and copper, Kennecott Eagle

One of the world's largest mining company Rio Tinto to invest $ 469 million in the construction of a mine field in the nickel and copper, Kennecott Eagle (Michigan, USA), the company said. The money will be spent on construction of the underground mine, the plant on the surface of the road, as well as reconstruction of the existing plant.

It is expected that production at the field will begin in late 2013 Kennecott Eagle will be the sole producer of primary nickel in the US and the first built in Michigan mining company in the last decade.

Kennecott Eagle will produce nickel and copper concentrates — an average of 17.3 thousand tons and 13.2 thousand tons per year, respectively, for 6 years.

The upper part of Michigan is a promising region for nickel and copper reserves, so now Rio Tinto continues in the region exploration.

Rio Tinto — one of the world's largest mining companies, based in the UK and produces aluminum, copper, diamonds, coal, uranium, gold, iron ore deposits on all continents.

In 2009, the company increased its production of iron ore by 12% to 171.5 million tons of aluminum production decreased by 4% to 3.8 million tonnes of alumina -. 2% to 8.8 million tonnes of bauxite — 12% to 30.7 million tonnes.

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