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Japan increased its output of copper production by 67%

Production of copper and semi-finished products based on it in Japan increased by 67% in April compared with a year ago due to the economic recovery, said the Japanese Association of copper and brass (Japan Copper and Brass Association).

In last month's issue of copper products in the country reached 74.1 thousand tons, while in April 2009 -… 44.414 tons of production increases the sixth consecutive month. Earlier in March 2010 the output of the «red metal» was 75.894 ths. Tons, which is more than twice than in the corresponding period last year.

Demand for copper is restored, along with economic growth in China and other Asian countries — said Keizo Tani (Keizo Tani), research section manager of the Japan Copper and Brass Association. — Domestic production of copper products reached 86% compared to April 2008 «.

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