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Japan is stepping up production of copper products

Japan in April increased the production of copper and copper products by the end of the sixth month in a row on the background of economic recovery.

According to preliminary data of the Japanese Association of copper and brass, in the last month in the country it was produced 74.1 thousand. Tons of copper production compared to 44.414 ths. Tons in the same month of 2009. Thus, the volume of production increased by 67%.

Compared to March of this year, the release was reduced by 2.4% (from 75.894 ths. Tons), leads the association report agency Bloomberg.

As the representative of the Association Keizo Tani, the demand is restored, along with economic growth in China and other Asian countries. Domestic production of copper products reached 86% compared to April 2008, he said.

According to the Japan Association of electrical wires and cables manufacturer, supplies copper wire and cable (including exports and domestic market) increased in April by 6.5% compared to the same month last year, reaching 55.8 thousand. Tonnes. This indicator increased for the fourth consecutive month. In March this year the index stood at 60.145 thousand. Tons, ie for the last month it fell by 7.2%.

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