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SMR is an IPO

The company SMR (Strikeforce Mining and Resources) plans in the next week to hold a road show in the upcoming IPO, Bloomberg reported. During the placement of shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the SMR can get up to $ 200 million.

According to a source familiar with the details of the future of the IPO, the organizers of the IPO are BOC International Holdings (the investment «daughter» Bank of China), Deutsche Bank and Renaissance Capital. They must convince investors that after the placement of shares of SMR do not fall in price, as happened with Rusal shares after the IPO in January this year.

SMR controls Zhireken and Sora GOKami, develops the same name copper-molybdenum deposit. On the basis of their established two companies, specializing in the production of ferromolybdenum (SMR share in world production amounts to more than 6%). In addition, the company is engaged in the supply of copper concentrates.

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