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Export of scrap of stainless steel from Japan decreased

/, Avdeeva Irina / According to the Ministry of Finance, in March 2010, Japan exported 11.84 ths., Which is 25.8% lower ton of scrap stainless steel than in February of this year (15,9 thous. Tonnes). Mainly exports decline due to a sharp decline in purchases of this type of scrap China. Note that the expected further decline in exports of stainless steel scrap from the country up to 10 thousand. Tons / month.

In March, the average export price of stainless steel scrap was ¥ 152.526 ths. / T fob Japan, which is 0.2% higher than the level of February. It should be noted that export prices for stainless steel scrap rose over 5 months.

Following the results of I quarter. 2010 exports of scrap of stainless steel from Japan decreased by 52% to 41.51 ths. Tons.

The main buyer of Japanese stainless steel scrap is South Korea, where in the I quarter. 2010 was shipped 30,25 thousand. Tonnes (a decrease of 15.2% compared to I quarter of 2009. G). In January-March of the current year sharply (by 88.4%) decreased delivery of this product in China -… to 5.4 thousand tons of stainless steel production in China is increasing, respectively, a growing need for raw materials for its production. Reduced exports of Japanese stainless steel scrap in China can be attributed to increased production of nickel pig iron in the country.

Note that in the I and II quarter. 2009, China was the leader in the procurement of stainless steel scrap in Japan.

In I quarter. 2010 exports of stainless steel scrap to Taiwan increased by 2.9 times and amounted to 4.74 thous. Tons.

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