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Major trends and developments in the market of titanium dioxide in Q1 2010

Volumes of production of titanium dioxide in 2009 are estimated to total 4.5−4.7 mln. Tons (5.1 mln. Tons in 2008), despite a significant increase in the production of titanium dioxide in China. In 2009, China produced 1.047 million. Tons of titanium dioxide as compared to 787 thousand. Tons in 2008, the United States in 2009 kept the position as the largest manufacturer of titanium dioxide in the world. In the US, in 2009 1.15 million. Tons of titanium dioxide produced. Over the past five years, the maximum production of titanium dioxide in the United States was in 2007 — 1.44 million tons in 2008 were produced 1.35 million tons thanks to the quality of titanium dioxide produced by the United States remains the largest net exporter of this pigment… in the world.

According to forecasts, in the coming years, demand for titanium dioxide in the world will grow by about 3% per year, while in Asia — by 5−6% per year (in China — 8% per year in India — 7−8% in year). This is not surprising, given the high potential of consumption in these countries. Currently, titanium dioxide consumption per capita in China — 0.6 kg, while in India — 0.1 kg compared to 3.4 kg per capita in the United States population. Apparent consumption of titanium dioxide in China in 2009 was at a level of 1.16 million. Tons. In 2009, imports of titanium dioxide in China increased by 27.9% compared to 2008, while China remains a net importer of titanium dioxide. More than 80% of imports of titanium dioxide pigment in 2009 occurred in 5 countries: Taiwan, Australia, USA, Japan and Mexico. Slightly less than 50% of exports of pigment titanium dioxide in China in 2009 — is delivered in South Korea, Brazil, USA, Indonesia and Iran. It is expected (according to the data,, the consumption of titanium dioxide in China in 2010 will increase by 10−15% compared to 2009, Ukraine remains a major supplier of titanium dioxide in Russia. Market titanium dioxide consumed in the manufacture of paint products in Russia has decreased by 25−30% in 2009. There is a process of substitution of titanium dioxide companies leading products of the Ukrainian and Chinese production. Prior to this, the share of Ukrainian production of titanium dioxide decreased. It is predicted that in 2010 the consumption of titanium dioxide in Russia will increase compared to 2009, its volume will be about 80% of the 2008 figure, that is up to 62 thousand. Tons. By 2015, demand may increase to 160 thousand. Tonnes per year. In 2008, Russian consumption of titanium dioxide per capita was 0.5 kg, while in European countries 3,4−4 kg per capita. Another major supplier of titanium dioxide in Russia in the future could be India, where once again after the recent visit of Putin's attempt at the expense of Russia's debt to resume construction of a titanium dioxide plant in the state of Orissa. More three years ago, a joint venture in the form of joint-stock company — Titanium Products Private Ltd. (TPPL), in which 51% owned by the Russian Federation (EBV), 45% — an Indian company Saraf Agencies, and 4% — a Russian company JSC Technochim Holding. However, still remains unresolved question of ownership of land allocated for the construction of this plant. The most relevant to producers of titanium dioxide is the issue price of the pigment. In the second half of 2009 prices in all regions of the world on titanium dioxide began to rise. Prices in Europe have almost reached pre-crisis value (about 3200 US $ / ton). Prices of titanium dioxide in the USA in early March 2010 were influenced to a range 2510−2820 US $ / ton. Prices for titanium dioxide pigment in Asia in mid-February 2010 amounted to $ 2410−2550 / ton on CFR Asia, and in early March 2010 there were already within the 2615−2850 US $ / ton, entrenched mainly due to China .

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