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ZTMC began to produce titanium ingots

At the Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Plant started a project to melting of titanium ingots. Production of titanium ingots and slabs on ZTMC created on the basis of electron-beam setup, developed by SPC «Titan» Electric Welding Institute. E. Paton NASU. This installation is performed smelting cast bar stock of 600 (400) h4000mm, slabs measuring 960×165×4000mm. For the melting of ingots and slabs can be used as bricks and blocks merely cut titanium sponge.

It should be noted that under the contract ZTMC supplies of titanium sponge NPC «Titan» for the production of ingots on tolling scheme. Over the past three months at the facilities of NPC «Titan» smelted ingots 38 for delivery abroad, according to signed contracts.

In addition, ZTMC taken steps to obtain a certificate of quality according to the requirements of Aerospace Standard AS9100-B in the production of titanium ingots and slabs, which will be for the company «green light» in the promotion of ingots in aerokosmosa sector. At present, specialists of the plant has developed a quality plan for the above certification.

As the head of the company, Vitaly Kucuk, now a promising plant has accumulated a portfolio of orders for titanium products, signed several contracts with customers. According to him, it will download the work in this area just two state enterprises — and ZTMC NPC «Titan».

ZTMC — the only producer of titanium sponge metal in Ukraine. Most of the company's products sold in foreign markets. In particular, in 2009 the plant has exported products worth USD 275.1 million., Representing 90% of total sales. The company is state-owned.

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