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Sverdlovsk region will support the Urals Nickel

The Government of the Sverdlovsk region expressed support for the investment project «Urals Nickel.» The corresponding decision was made following a meeting with the leaders of the project, which took place in early March.

As told IA REGNUM News from the press service of the company, «Urals Nickel» has the necessary industrial site to start work near the town Degtyarka («Krylatovsky mine»), owns Kungurskoe deposit silicate-nickel ores. «On the basis of FSUE» Ural Research Institute with Pilot Plant, «implemented an experimental industrial production chain. Supplier of equipment and designer of the enterprise for the hydrometallurgical extraction of nickel will be the company «Goldex». The design stage is designed for 2 years. The project provides funds part G. K. RUSNANO in the amount of 555 million rubles, «- said in a statement.

«Urals Nickel» states that for the production of metal will be used principally new hydrometallurgical technology. Numerous field and laboratory tests have proven the effectiveness of hydro-projects (cost of one ton of nickel — 4 700 dollars, which is almost 4 times less than the cost of, for example, the production of «Ufaleynickel», which is about 16 thousand dollars per ton).

«Urals Nickel» has all the necessary search operations that allow to design and build a hydrometallurgical enterprise, completed the cycle exploration laboratory technology research, development and industrial works. The complex technology of hydrometallurgical extraction and processing of oxidized nickel ores (for 9 years, received 22 patents for inventions, most of the technological solutions designed as know-how).

Note that earlier project «Urals Nickel» interested in the leading German company specializing in the manufacture, installation and operation of mining equipment. The total amount of possible investment is estimated at 250 million euros. German firms are offering a ten-year contract.


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