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Rio Tinto could create a joint venture with Intergeo

In order to maintain its presence in Russia after the release of a failed joint venture with Norilsk second mining company in the world, Rio Tinto may enter into an alliance with the company Intergeo Mikhail Prokhorov, who in 2008 won 12 licenses in the promising fields of Norilsk Nickel, the newspaper «Kommersant today «.

In partnership with Norilsk Nickel Rio Tinto expected the license, which then went to Intergeo, so that a change of partner is logical, analysts say.

Total probable reserves and resources on the fields Intergeo account for more than 15 million tons of copper and 9 million tons of nickel, 1 million tons of molybdenum, 750 tons of platinum group metals, and others. The number of licenses inherited Intergeo, includes licenses for Iisko-Tagulskoye area with resource potential 7 5 million tons of nickel and 3.5 million tonnes of copper and the largest in Russia Orekitkanskoe molybdenum deposit (reserves — more than 300 thousand tons.).

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