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whether the delay will the project impact on the Vale Goro nickel prices?

According to the Metal Bulletin with reference to market sources, since the launch of Vale nickel project in New Caledonia Goro in January, has not taken place, the company is unlikely to implement a landmark production at the facility for 20 thousand. Tonnes of nickel in 2010. In addition, there may be further delays entry in its operation. «No one really did not think that Goro will start in January, and it is unlikely he will be able to give to the surface a lot of products in the current year», — said one of the traders. «I think that the delay is already accounted for in the price of nickel — the source said. — Now, when it is clear that the launch is delayed Goro, you can «forgive» pending further enhance the nickel price. But this is unlikely to be. ««In our opinion, all of the most obvious aspects of the process are already expressed in value and, therefore, we expect the nickel price correction," — said one analyst. However, some analysts believe that the price of nickel may experience impacts from the implementation of other major nickel project (with the acid leaching under high pressure), — before the end of the year in Madagascar should be put into operation the mine Sherritt Ambatovy. However, some market participants look at it skeptically. «No one will be very surprised if the delay will be observed and Ambatovy», — says another trader.
Nickel showed the best price dynamics among all non-ferrous metals in 2010, despite the prospects for launch in 2010 of major projects such as Goro.

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