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LME reduces the size of the initial margin on contracts for aluminum, steel, nickel, lead and tin

According to news agency Dow Jones, the London Metal Exchange (the LME) since March 10 will reduce the size of the initial margin (guarantee deposit) on futures contracts on aluminum, steel, nickel, lead and tin. Margin on Contracts for the high-quality aluminum, as usual, and «mini», as well as the swap will be reduced from $ 160 to $ 150 per ton.
Margin for the steel billet contracts will be reduced from $ 50 to $ 40 per ton.
Margin on Contracts for the primary nickel (and the usual swap) LME will be reduced from US $ 2,100 per ton to $ 1,950 per ton.
Margin on Contracts for the lead (and the usual swap) will be reduced from $ 250 per ton to $ 235 per ton.
Margins on standard contracts in the tin and swap contracts for tin will be reduced by the exchange to $ 1,800 per ton to $ 1,600 per ton.

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