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Kenmare Resources expects deficit of titanium resources in the world market

The Irish company Kenmare Resources Plc said that demand for ilmenite concentrate from China would allow it to sell an additional 200 thousand. T / y of ilmenite concentrate, if the company had the appropriate power.

A week ago, the company announced it had received 179.6 million. Pounds as a result of the issue of shares, which it intends to forward to the expansion of power Moma mine by 50% to 1.2 mln. T / y of ilmenite concentrate, 80 th. T / yr of zircon (50 thousand. t / year), and 22 th. tons / year of rutile (14 ths. tons / year) concentrates.

The company estimates the program expand to 133 million. Pounds, or $ 200 million., And expects to complete it by the end of 2012

Eamonn Keenan (Eamonn Keenan), marketing manager of the company Kenmare Resources, said: «Currently available at the company's capacity to produce ilmenite concentrate can not meet demand. We could sell an additional 200 thousand. T / yr of ilmenite, if they had appropriate power. «

The company forecasts a deficit of titanium concentrates on the world market for two years, as the global economic recession has led to the closure of a number of operating mines and made new projects unfeasible. Many believe that this situation creates a shortage of supply of titanium feedstock producer of titanium dioxide.

I.Kinan said: «In the absence of new projects deficits of titanium concentrates in 2015 to reach 1 million / year, equivalent to 20% of today's global demand.».

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