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BHP Billiton has resumed nickel production in Australia

Mining company BHP Billiton (UK) reported that nickel refinery Kwinana (Australia) reopened March 26 after 11 day of downtime due to lack of hydrogen.

«We have resumed work with the help of external hydrogen supply. Now the estimated reduction potential of the existing plant for the production of hydrogen. Refining production runs at full capacity, and delivery to consumers of nickel recommenced, «- said a company spokeswoman.

Hydrogen — a key component in the process of purification of nickel used in stainless steel production. BHP nickel production in Western Australia is represented by Nickel West. It consists of a refinery in Kvinane (capacity of 65 thousand tons of nickel per year), a smelter in Kelgurli (capacity of 110 thousand tons of nickel matte per year) and a plant for the production of concentrate in Kambalde (capacity of 1.6 million tonnes of concentrate per year). Prices of nickel on the London Stock Exchange have doubled in the past year thanks to growing demand from China.

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