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ZTMC expects increasing demand for titanium

State-owned enterprise «Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Plant» (ZTMC) falling within the scope of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, expects increased demand for an enterprise of titanium sponge in 2010, «Interfax-Ukraine».

According to Director General Vitaly ZTMC Kuchuk, as quoted in the press release of Ministry of Industrial Policy, the main problem the company last year was the lack of global and domestic demand for titanium sponge and its low price, and that was the reason for the low profitability of production.

«But at the same time over the past year, the company held a contract job, which will provide 100%-ing sales of products in the current year», — stated in a press release on the outcome of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of the meeting under the leadership of Deputy Minister Sergei Grishchenko with the participation of management control non-ferrous metal and secondary metal ZTMC and companies «Titan of Ukraine.»

On the outcome of the meeting ZTMC were announced in 2009 and outlined the main directions of its work in 2010, which are not specified. At the same time, the press service of the Ministry informs that on ZTMC work continues on the organization of production of titanium ingots — in 2009 alone, the plant produced and shipped 60 tons of titanium ingots. The collaboration with the center «Titan» NASU for the production of titanium ingots on tolling scheme.

ZTMC is the only Ukrainian producer of titanium sponge metal design capacity of 20 thous. Tons per year. About 90% of the company products, used mainly in the space industry, realized on foreign markets.

In addition to titanium sponge, the plant produces germanium: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and germanium dioxide; titanium castings shaped, titanium slag, cast products made of silicon.

ZTMC in 2008 increased the production of titanium sponge by 1.9% — to 9.93 thousand tons… The volume of its sales amounted to UAH 510.37 million, of which exports — USD 422.11 million. The profitability of commercial products amounted to 16.5%.

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