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Baosteel plans to acquire a stake in Acerinox and Outokumpu?

China's largest steelmaker Baosteel is studying the possibility of concluding an agreement on technological cooperation with Acerinox and Outokumpu, the leading stainless steel producers in Europe. Writes about this today, Bloomberg referring to the newspaper «21st Century Business Herald».

To date, Baosteel is the second largest producer of stainless steel in China. Showing interest in the technologies used by European competitors, the company conducted the initial investigation and established a budget of € 5−10 billion.

«I won`t be too surprised if Baosteel takes a stake in one of those companies to achieve cooperation on technologies» («I will not be too surprised if of Baosteel, seeking to achieve cooperation in the matter of technology, acquires a stake in one of these companies»), — quotes the edition of the words of his source.

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