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Asha Steel Plant in April will launch a 120-ton electric furnace first in Russia

JSC «Asha Metallurgical Plant» (Asha city of Chelyabinsk region) at the beginning of April 2010 plans to launch into operation only in Russia 120-ton electric furnace with a continuous load of metal charge, the project cost 7 billion rubles, according to Wednesday's press office of Governor.

Minister of Industry and Natural Resources of the Chelyabinsk region, Vladimir Yelistratov February 2 visited Asha Metallurgical Works, which is preparing to launch a unique arc furnace.

«EAF furnace will operate in the most energy-efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective mode electrosmelting pipelined continuous load of scrap metal. This furnace is not at the metallurgical enterprises in Russia, such units in the world no more than 20. At present, the new shop has already begun commissioning, «- said in a statement. According to forecasts Evstratova, the first batch of steel at the new furnace Furnace will be April 7, 2010.

Every year, new furnace will produce about 1 million tons. «The furnace will save $ 7 per ton steel produced in comparison with similar top-loading furnaces. In addition, if existing facilities one melting metal lasts about 4 hours, in the future it will be held for 50 minutes, «- added to the message.

«This is a significant increase, which will affect the reduction of production costs and, consequently, to increase its competitiveness and quality», — the press service quoted the words Elistratova.

Asha Metallurgical Works started in 1898 with a blast furnace. Proper rolling production appeared in the second half of the 20th century. AMZ is also one of the largest Russian manufacturers of household goods, stainless and carbon steel, and offers to supply more than 400 kinds of products.

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