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Happy New Year 2009

Dear friends!

Happy New Year 2009 Merry Christmas and wish you strength and spiritual health.

Together we have experienced many of life's failures. And on the threshold of the New Year, we would very much like to thank you for your persistence. It is expressed in your devotion to the company and its employees believe in!
On Nichrome market fechral and precision alloys, our company has been working for two years. In fact, a considerable period. To overcome this difficult path on the way of life we ​​have helped you — our customers.

We are very grateful to you for it. Thanks to all those who, believing one day we, with faith crosses the threshold of the New Year in our common tomorrow.
Let your home will always dominate the heat of the human understanding, smiles and family good luck. Even in the darkest moments you do not give up hope for our better tomorrow.

With respect to each of you,
the friendly staff of the company
LLC «Electrovek-steel»

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