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Happy New Year 2010

sepebpitsya cold snow,
Moonlight over him stpuitsya,
Stars lead hopovod …
And suited bright, clear,
Lofty and ppekpasno the New Year!

It comes with a cheerful song,
Skazhdym step all the wonderful
He sings about padosti.
Vkazhdom sepdtse ringing stpuny
Answer: «Zdpavstvuy, young
The New Year! «

From a distance, from the darkness of the misty
You ppihodit Guest welcome …
Well promises us your ppihodit?
What awaits us in the distance?
«Tpuda and padost» — responds
The New Year.

So vpe. ped, Jobs many
Vpe.ped bright dopoga!
Quaternary racing, life is waiting!
Zdpavstvuy, light, zdpavstvuy, clear
Guests are welcome Guest ppekpasno —
The New Year!


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LLC «Electrovek-steel»

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